Clerk of Courts

Common Pleas Court Fees

Court Fees

Divorce / Dissolution $223.00
Divorce / Dissolution (w/ children) $273.00
Civil Complaint $228.00
Counterclaim, Cross claim, 3rd Party Claim $228.00
Notice of Appeal in Workers Compensation $228.00
Motion / Post Decree $150.00
Motion w/ Consent Judgment $25.00
Appeal $150.00

Certificate of Judgment:

From Another Court $27.00
For Judgment granted on Home Case $25.00
CJ from State of Ohio $27.00
Make and send to another Court (issue) $8.00
Release CJ $5.00
Execution or Debtors Exam $150.00
Garnishment $150.00
Cognovit Note $100.00
Service by Foreign Co. Sheriff $25.00
Service by Publication $500.00
Foreign Judgment (per am sb no 23) $33.00
Expungment / Sealing Records $125.00
Record Notary Public Commission * $7.00
(file) $5.00
(swear in) $2.00
Court Reporter $25.00

* Renewals of Notary Commission can be done no sooner than 30 days from current expiration. However, if your commission expires before you receive your new commission, you may not do any notary work.

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